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[Video] Anna Kendrick on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (22 December 2014) [HD]

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Anna Kendrick on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (22 December 2014)

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They’re A-list actresses who managed solid singing performances in the new musical fantasy film, Into The Woods.
But Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick weren’t afraid to get silly as they demonstrated some awkward vocal exercises on Monday’s episode of Ellen.
‘My vocal teacher made me do the embarrassing one of goo goo gah gah gee goo gah gah gee,’ Emily, 31, said. ‘I was like, “I can’t do that. That’s awful.”‘

But Meryl, 65, had her beat, proclaiming, ‘I know one from drama school,’ before beginning to make deep guttural chanting noises: ‘Hung gah gah hung gah gah hung gah gah.’
Emily, Anna, 29, and Ellen, 56, all joined in, making for an entire chorus.
Meryl then added, ‘And if you do that upside down, you go like this, it loosens all the…’

‘That’s not what I was going for at all,’ Ellen responded. ‘That doesn’t sound like it helps your vocal exercises, but it’s good for if you have a sinus headache.’
Emily also admitted that her husband, The Office actor John Krasinski, had never heard her sing before her performance in Into The Woods.
‘He said to me as I was going to the audition he said, “sing it for me,”‘ Emily said. ‘And I went “no!” He said he’d never seen me so nervous.’

She added, ‘I was this colour walking out of the door.’ She then pointed to her red dress. ‘He was like good luck and I was like… I couldn’t speak.’
Ellen also attempted to retake a selfie with Meryl – the previous attempt resulting in the famous group selfie from last year’s Academy Awards.
‘The whole idea was I was going to get a selfie with Meryl and everybody else jumped in and Meryl was hardly in the selfie,’ Ellen said.

‘I know. Bradley Cooper! What a hog,’ The Iron Lady actress exclaimed.
‘And Lupita Nyong’o’s brother who jumped in, in front of Angelina,’ Ellen pointed out. ‘So anyway I thought let’s try to do a selfie today with us and you’ll be featured more.’
The ladies proceeded to take a group selfie with Ellen, with Emily and Anna blocking out Meryl.
‘Ok, fine. I get it,’ Meryl groaned.

The ladies also played Heads Up! Pictures! They acted out things like marching, riding a horse, tight roping and even giving birth.
Into The Woods hits theatres on Christmas day, starring Meryl as a wicked witch who tasks a childless baker and his wife (James Corden and Emily) with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree.
Anna plays Cinderella and Chris Pine her prince. Johnny Depp gets into character as The Wolf.

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