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[Event] Happy Birthday to Anna

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Dear fellow Anna’s fans all around the world, on this upcoming event of Anna Kendrick’s 30th birthday – a significant age in a person’s life. AKVN would like to invite every single one of you to make a meaningful gift for Anna, the steps are really simple and easy to follow:

1. Create a message to Anna in this format:
“Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick” with hashtag #littleweirdos

Note that the bigger and clearer the pic is, the better it gets 😉
It is recommended to take a selfie of you and this message, your appearance doesn’t matter 🙂

Happy Birthday to Anna

Thanks to @annakendrikc47 & @lewistogo19

2. Send the photo to this email: annakendrickvn[@]
or Twitter (PM me); WhatsApp (+84 942 018 277).

We will organize your photos to create a huge pic like the trend #BecaEffinMitchell on Anna’s instagram. On the exact day of Anna’s birthday, we will show her our loves and you guys will be a part of it, we will inform you the plan soon.
Hopefully, all the fan around the world will support this and we are able to make a gigantic photo.

Time: from 20 May 2015 to 01 August 2015

We decided to make a video from your photos and we need a small information from you: Tell us which country you come from when you email us. This video will be uploaded to our Youtube channel.

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