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Various Artists – Pitch Perfect 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Release date: Dec 15, 2017
  • Label: UMG Recordings, Inc. & Universal Pictures

Genres: Soundtrack, Music

1. Universal Fanfare
2. Toxic
3. Sit Still, Look Pretty
4. Riff Off
5. You Got It
6. Ex’s and Oh’s
7. How a Heart Unbreaks
8. Cheap Thrills
9. I Don’t Like It, I Love It
10. Cake By the Ocean
11. Freedom! ’90
12. Soy Yo
13. Boom Boom (feat. Zedd)
14. Tribe
15. Score Suite From Pitch Perfect 3
16. Silent Night (feat. 80fitz)
17. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
18. Feliz Navidad
19. Freedom! ’90 x Cups


  1. 1

    Universal Fanfare The Bellas

    Universal Fanfare
  2. 2

    Toxic The Bellas

  3. 3

    Sit Still, Look Pretty The New Barden Bellas

    Sit Still, Look Pretty
  4. 4

    Riff Off The Bellas, Evermoist, Saddle Up, Young Sparrow And DJ Dragon Nutz & Soldiers

    Riff Off
  5. 5

    Cheap Thrills The Bellas

    Cheap Thrills
  6. 6

    I Don't Like It, I Love It The Bellas

    I Don't Like It, I Love It
  7. 7

    Cake by the Ocean The Bellas

    Cake by the Ocean
  8. 8

    Freedom! '90 The Bellas

    Freedom! '90
  9. 9

    Freedom! '90 x Cups The Bellas & The Voice Season 13 Top 12 Contestants

    Freedom! '90 x Cups