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[Video] Anna Kendrick On The Daily Show – Jon Stewart Interview – December 17, 2014 [HD]

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‘I nearly suffocated!’ Anna Kendrick reveals the perils of wearing a corset for Into The Woods as she appears on The Daily Show
As Disney’s newest Cinderella she looks charming in her princess gowns.
But anna Kendrick has revealed that filming Into The Woods wasn’t always as enjoyable as one might expect – and it was all down to her uncomfortable undergarments.
‘I can’t sing Sondheim in a corset running up and down real steps,’ she pointed out as she appeared on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Wednesday.
Anna then joked that she nearly suffocated in the garment when she tried to laugh at co-star Chris Pine.
The 29-year-old, who stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical wore a bright blue dress for her interview.
She braved the winter weather with a light and lacy eyelet dress that fell just below her knees and tied at the waist with a bow.
It was just the sort of outfit one would expect from a woman about to portray a fairy tale princess.
Anna talked less about the fairy tales during her interview, however, pointing out that Into The Woods shifts from a funny take on the classic stories to a darker look at reality toward the end.
When Jon began to joke about this being too dark for children to see, Anna quickly backtracked into positivity: ‘Things are complicated but they’re gonna be OK!’
Anna also revealed a few tidbits about her life, including the fact that she can’t cook.
‘I’m nervous about burning the house down, but I want to learn,’ she joked earnestly.
The actress, who showed off her considerable singing abilities in 2012’s Pitch Perfect, admitted that music may have been her first love.
‘I wasn’t performing Hamlet in the bathroom mirror,’ Anna explained of her early years. ‘It was more TLC in the bathroom mirror.’

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