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[Audio] Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza talk ‘Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates’

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Anna Kendrick Reveals Musical Number With Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza & Adam Devine In ‘Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates’

We also got the chance to talk with real-life BFFs Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick!
So what did I learn about the two? Both are very tiny, and just as hilarious as they are on the big screen. The way they kept poking fun at each other had us cracking up!
And not only did the two starlets keep us seriously entertained, they also revealed some huge news about the movie, which revolves around Efron and Devine’s characters putting out personal ads on Craiglist to find dates for their sister’s wedding and ending up with the troublemaking Tatiana (Plaza) and Alice (Kendrick).
Now, as fans know, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine are no strangers to singing on the big screen, as they both starred in Pitch Perfect and its recent sequel, Pitch Perfect 2.
Zac Efron is also known for his vocal prowess thanks to his role in the three High School Musical films and when I asked if there would be any musical numbers in this movie, Anna said yes!
“They like conspired to put a f****** song in this movie,” Kendrick dished. “And Zac and Adam and I were like, ‘Hmm….suspicious.’”
However, unlike “Cups,” Kendrick says we shouldn’t expect to hear this song on the radio anytime soon…
“We all just sang really, really badly,” the Oscar-nominated actress dished. “It was really fun actually, like we think we sound really good, but it was really bad. I was doing a lot of over-confident, terrible riffs, which are my favorite.”

So what about Aubrey? Well believe it or not, she’s involved as well – and she’s utilizing her mad rapping skills!
“I was the one who didn’t know what she was doing at all because I’ve never been in a musical movie before,” Plaza explained. “I have rap thing…I think I was really pretty terrible. And I didn’t really sign up to do that – that was something that was thrown at us mid-production.”
“That was the fun part!” Kendrick said. “They were like ‘I don’t think the ending of the movie is right, let’s do a song!’”
“It’s very old-school, ‘Let’s end the film with a musical number!’” Plaza joked. “It’s like what they used to do in the ’40s.”

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